Exeptional Business Leaders - "Don't find fault, find a remedy"


Henry Ford famously said: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy”.

This quote perfectly sums up the challenge and opportunity for you as today's finance professional.

The business world needs solutions. Quickly. Thinkers are needed. Not just gatekeepers. But with every challenge there usually is an even bigger opportunity.

How will you stand out as the business leader and finance professional that is finding remedies?

More than numbers
South African trained and qualified Chartered Accountants and finance professionals are among the best skilled and qualified professionals globally. You are known to have great technical skills in both finance and business.

But worldwide research shows that businesses need more than just this today.
Increasingly 'softer skills' such as leadership abilities and communication expertise is critical to grow and stand out in business world - whether that be corporate or entrepreneurial.

No more bean counting
Unfortunately finance professionals are unfairly stereotyped. Fortunately, more and more accountants and finance professionals are involved with important decision making giving key strategic insight and information. And you can help change this and make it even more of a reality by participating. Communication on different level with great listening skills is essential.

You need to be: Confident and assertive. Decisive. A team player. Great negotiator. Influential.
Your softer skills will make not just make you a good finance professional but a truly great one.

Continued professional and personal development
Though softer skills are less measurable than technical skills, they are often more transferable. This means that they can be developed irrespective of position, employer, industry or sector. You now are able to enhance your strategic abilities by focusing on other core development areas through coaching and mentoring. Best of all is that these newly acquired skills will always be part of your toolkit and always relevant.

New thinking
As a finance professional you are trained to manage risk and to ensure that your own business or that of your client or employer will not fail or run into hardships. Unfortunately risk management has a negative angle and influence and if not managed properly results as an ability to be creative with unconstructive strategic input and the incapacity to be a visionary because you tend to always say "BUT what if". Henry Ford's advice comes in handy here….

People focused
As you are coming a trusted business advisor your skills and resources in working with people and relationships will need to be better than ever before. Future success will depend on how you relate to others.

Next up
Over the coming months the goal will be to create exceptional business leaders. Strategic topics will be covered to enhance your performance and progress and tips with real challenging actions to get there.

Are you ready?

Where do you want to be by 31 December?

Look forward to connecting soon….

Stanford Payne, Executive and Business Coach

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