Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 8, 2017


Do you want to keep up to date with the latest developments in finance, but you are short of time? Don’t worry. CFO South Africa weekly collects 10 of the most important articles from international media for your convenience.

1. CFOs Rethink Cybersecurity Strategies as Hackers Organize
IT-specific concerns such as malware, firewalls, and virus scans are still part of the overall cyber security strategy. However, mitigating cyber risks requires CFOs to shore up their technical and physical defenses. IT-specific concerns such as malware, firewalls, and virus scans are still part of the overall cyber security strategy. However, mitigating cyber risks requires CFOs to shore up their technical and physical defenses. Here are five articles covering trends in managing security across the organization.

2. When Was the Last Time You Took On a New Challenge?
Each January brings a renewed desire to challenge ourselves and learn something new. But by February the energy starts to wane. Becoming proficient at something takes too much time, we lose motivation to practice, we struggle to pay attention in class after a long day at work — the list of reasons goes on. I recently came across some motivation to stick with a new pursuit. A few weeks ago I read an article in the New York Times about "superagers," people who function at extremely high levels (academically, professionally, and physically) well into their eighties…

3. The habits of highly innovative companies
While companies continue to focus on in-house innovation, they understand that good ideas can come from anywhere. With technology quickening the pace of business change, research and development is taking on new meaning as it goes increasingly outside company walls. Businesses are creating venture capital arms to mine for on-the-rise companies or new technologies that can be integrated into their operations…..

4. Do you really know who you are paying?
From fake invoicing and pay-and-return schemes to personal purchases with corporate funds and payment fraud, fraud in the procurement-to-pay process is very common and extremely difficult to prevent and detect. According to the 2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), fraudulent disbursements are the most common form of asset misappropriation. Of all the types of fraudulent disbursement, billing schemes are the most common with an average of 22.2% of the cases and a median loss of £80,000 ($100,000).

5. 25 Big Data Terms Everyone Should Know
f you are new to the field, Big Data can be intimidating! With the basic concepts under your belt, let's focus on some key terms to impress your date, your boss, your family, or whoever.

6. Six Principles for Communicating a Powerful Change Vision
As a Navy SEAL, effective communication was tantamount to success in chaotic environments. Similarly, when you're faced with the inevitable adaptive challenges an organization encounters throughout its lifecycle, communication can either be the catalyst for success or the most damning piece of the puzzle. Creating, defining, and communicating the vision for organizational transformation is a tricky process and requires considerable time and resources to get right. Getting it wrong will doom a change effort to failure, almost every time.

7. 7 Traits Of Inspiring Leadership That Uplifts Rather Than Destroys
In the leadership development work I do with mid- to high-level professionals, we begin by focusing on how to help each individual lead his or her own personal life in more positive and enlivening ways. You can't lead anything well (including others, projects, growth, or organizational behavior) if you're not honest, brave, emotionally self-aware and mentally healthy. After all, you're a person when you show up to your professional life -- your personal and professional behavior, thoughts, wounds, biases, gaps and mindsets are inextricably linked.

8. Millennial talent strategy for CFOs
CFOs in international organisations are dealing with the complex challenges of driving business growth amidst digital disruption and a tumultuous global environment. Leading and motivating cohesive, rightly skilled teams is more crucial now than ever before to stay ahead. As the Millennial generation of employees has come on board, they have brought new talents and new priorities. Our experts share how to work with these employees for your benefit and theirs.

9. Inside The Vertical Farm Growing What It Calls "The World's First P...
Before leading people through the heavy metal doors and into the vertical farm Irving Fain has recently opened in a warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey, he asks visitors to take off their jewelry. He hands them a disposable jumpsuit and a hairnet to put on; bright blue sleeves must be slipped on over shoes. "It's about protecting the integrity of the environment," Fain says. Jewelry could fall off and into the beds of leafy greens; shoes and clothes could track in unknown germs.

10. The artful synergist, or how to get more value from mergers and acq...
Making sure that large M&A deals create value is as much about knowing whom to involve—and when—as it is about knowing how to capture synergies.1 The larger the deal, the more critical the need to ensure confidentiality by keeping the team small during the early stages of planning. Such teams may lack breadth, but they're sufficient to produce a rough valuation that allows planning to move ahead.

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