Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 34, 2019


Want to stay up to date with the latest developments in finance, but short on time? Don't worry. CFO South Africa weekly collects 10 of the most important articles from international media for your convenience.

1. The Best CEO-CFO Team for M&As
The froth belies the fact that M&As, which can pave a fast track to future growth if done right, are risky propositions with a failure rate of 80 percent. Nonetheless, investors and analysts need not rely on guesswork to identify successful deals. Our research points to an optimal combination in the C-suite that increases the odds of M&A success: optimistic CEOs tempered by pessimistic CFOs.

2. Why you should consider giving employees a stake in your business
Dave Paterson, a partner in the Corporate & Commercial team at Blacks Solicitors LLP, discusses why business owners should consider offering employees a fair and viable Share Scheme and the benefits that will be returned.

3. Every Business Owner Should Define What Success Looks Like
For widely-held public companies, the owner strategy is simple. They are owned primarily by institutions (like index funds) or investors who have no personal tie to the business. These owners expect the company to maximize the growth in value of their shares, usually measured by hitting quarterly earnings targets. Indeed, most of what is taught in business schools and described in management literature is based on the assumption that companies exist to maximize shareholder value. But “that assumption ignores an equally obvious truth,” Bo Burlingham points out in Small Giants: “What’s in the interest of the shareholders depends on who the shareholders are.”

4. Are Your Company’s Strengths Really Weaknesses?
In the right-side-up world, strengths remain strengths and weaknesses remain weaknesses. That does seem to hold true in stable environments where technologies and market structures are more or less fixed. But as many well-known strategy theories recognize, the business landscape is far from unchanging. More often than not, the upside-down world is the one we actually live in.

5. 6 Rules for Hiring the Best Employees, According to This Top Walmart Executive
The old 'airport test' won't get you anywhere.

6. Overcoming Cybersecurity Communications Barriers
There remains a problematic disconnect between the languages spoken by cybersecurity professionals and a company's senior executives and board.

7. 8 ways your meetings can go wrong
Experts explain common mistakes in meetings and how to avoid them.

8. One-third of UK finance industry falling behind on digital transformation
CFOs seemingly hesitant to drive digital transformation, despite recognising the benefits of new tech.

9. What's on the Horizon for Tax Professionals?
President at Bloomberg Tax Lisa Fitzpatrick shares how tax professionals can prepare for the future, from talent to regulatory pressure.

10. MOD-elling periodic transactions in Excel
Spreadsheet modellers can use the MOD function to obtain residuals and handle calculations at regular time intervals.

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