Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 49, 2018


Want to keep up to date with the latest developments in finance, but you are short of time? Don't worry. CFO South Africa weekly collects 10 of the most important articles from international media for your convenience.

1. This Excel change is more than SORT of a big deal
In Part 4 of a seven-part series, Excel MVP Liam Bastick takes a look at two of the seven new functions Microsoft has created to go with its spreadsheet program’s new Dynamic Arrays capabilities.

2. Excel: 2 new errors and a SINGLE function
What happens when something goes wrong related to Excel’s new Dynamic Arrays capabilities? Excel MVP Liam Bastick takes a look in this instalment of a seven-part series.

3. Metric of the Month: Business Entity Revenue Per Employee
Employee productivity is closely linked to organisational revenue. But how much revenue should each employee be expected to generate?

4. Why Companies That Wait to Adopt AI May Never Catch Up
While some companies most large banks, Ford and GM, Pfizer, and virtually all tech firms are aggressively adopting artificial intelligence, many are not. Instead they are waiting for the technology to mature and for expertise in AI to become more widely available. They are planning to be “fast followers” a strategy that has worked with most information technologies.

5. Top five business analytics intelligence trends for 2019
From explainable AI to natural language humanising data analytics, James Eiloart from Tableau gives his take on the top trends in business analytics intelligence as we head into 2019.

6. What Are the Top ERP Systems for 2019?
A number of emerging trends herald an exciting year for the ERP market and companies’ digital transformations. First and foremost, I believe there will be a shakeup in the ranks of ERP systems, as reflected in our new list of what we consider to be the top five systems for 2019.

7. Trust: The Corporate Wellness Initiative of the Future
The global wellness industry is doing superbly, thank you very much. In recent years, it grew a healthy 12.8 percent, becoming a US$4.2 trillion market. Whether or not the life of wellness consumers is improving in tandem remains another matter altogether. What if wellness was built directly into corporate DNA instead of being sold to us?

8. 8 financial reporting errors — and how to fix them
The financial reporting process is considered by many to be the single most important function of an accounting system. However, even the best accounting system can't overcome a flawed financial reporting process. To help you determine if your financial reporting process has a problem, start by answering these five questions...

9. How to Prolong Competitive Advantage
When Swedish furniture giant IKEA established its first store outside of Scandinavia, it created an expansion strategy of researching new markets, then opening a flagship store with local customisations and then franchising. Its customisation model was different, allowing for quirky marketing like “Swedes go home” in Switzerland. IKEA used its competitive advantage of a systematic expansion model…

10. Skilling up: Becoming a multinational group CFO
Last May UK power group National Grid announced CFO Andrew Bonfield was standing down to become the financial chief of Caterpillar, the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer. Discussing his decision to join the “iconic” company, he told Financial Director: “Maybe I’m a sucker for one last big job to do, one last different industry to learn.”

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