Finance Indaba Africa 2018: Datacentrix will present CFOs with an offer that's hard to resist 


Datacentrix' Commercial Managing Director, Johann Coetzee, will put the company's business model to the test by guaranteeing telecoms savings.

"What we want to present to CFOs at the Indaba is a significant saving opportunity. We will approach companies individually to present a business case whereby they will only need to pay for our service if we can provide savings for them." So says Johann, who believes that, with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution and interconnections across the global economy, there is an increased need to accelerate the processing time of routine tasks of which there are many in the field of finance. 

The need for increased telecommunications capacity, he says, is based on three core trends that are going to become even more commonplace over the next few years than they are now. 

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The first one is cloud computing, where companies pay to store data and execute processes on external servers. That means people will be able to process larger volumes of data at very short notice, which is critical for the finance professional who needs to interpret significant amounts of data from their work daily.  

The second thing is process robotics or artificial intelligence, which, in essence, amounts to code that automates simplistic tasks and will be extremely key for the financial sector moving forward. The third innovation is data analytics, which will result from central computing tools that bring all the aforementioned elements together.

“These are the three aspects of tech innovations that we believe are already revolutionising the finance industry” says Johann, adding that providers are having to become more advanced by providing what is called software-defined networking, which is an approach to cloud computing that facilitates network management and enables programmatically efficient network configuration that significantly improves network performance and monitoring.

"To optimise these opportunities, companies need to be connected, and that's where our value proposition comes into play. Datacentrix supplies and installs the infrastructure that is necessary to make full use of the aforementioned innovations. And, while most people and organisations are connected, the cost is very expensive because they need to sign a contract with a telecommunications provider for the service, and then they need to pay for the installation. But all that is changing,"




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