Finance Indaba 2018 Q&A: Cashbook's Margreet Peverelli


Margreet Peverelli tells us about the Cashbook solution and why they're showcasing it at Finance Indaba 2018.

Although formally trained as a ballet dancer, Margreet Peverelli has years of finance experience under her belt after hanging up her dancing shoes. She joined Cashbook in 2015 as a global implementation manager, having worked with the company previously as a customer. This was a key part of her decision to join the organisation, as she had experience with the product and knew it to be a solution she could confidently sell. 

Q. Why did you choose to join Cashbook?

As a customer I was very satisfied with the product, and I knew that Cashbook were very nice people to work with. The staff all come from the finance world, which is why they have a great knowledge about the industry.

The difference between us and other competing systems is that we really focus on a niche area, and specialising like that is why we are so good at what we do including cash application, accounts payable, and bank reconciliation automation. We also implement worldwide, so we have a great knowledge of the rules and regulations in different countries. Not only that but we are a trustworthy company and one that is very careful with our customer data.

Q. Tell us more about your role and the solutions you offer

Immediately prior to joining Cashbook, I spent a year working in Johannesburg. Part of my role is to develop the African business because I know the African context well. We are seeing a lot of requests coming in from African companies for a system to manage cash transactions.

When I fly in to the country I usually do several client visits. Typically we work with mid-size and bigger companies, often with multiple offices.  We are not a product that you can download from the Internet in one go, as every installation is customised for the client. 

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Q. How do you manage global implementation and support for Cashbook solutions?

We operate around the world.  Recently we've done several implementations in Asia and Africa. Often this means starting with a company in their European or American location and then rolling it out to their offices in other regions. The Cashbook team is mostly based in Ireland, but we do company visits across the various territories. Lately we have had a lot of interest from companies in African countries and I believe this is because Cashbook really changes the way that companies work with and think about money. 

Initially, a portion of many of our implementations are handled remotely, through remote access. We use this same approach to support. Luckily, because there is not much time difference between Europe and Africa, we find the support timing to be convenient as we are on the same timeline.

Q. Why are you participating in the 2018 Finance Indaba?

For us the Indaba is a great opportunity to meet people and to be more visible in Africa.  Of course we do get requests and sales over the internet, but often people prefer to meet you face-to-face first. This will be our first Finance Indaba, and we hope to find new customers and develop new partnerships. 

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