Find out how you can accelerate your digitisation journey in upcoming Oracle webinar


Oracle VP Steve Cox details the impact of digitisation on businesses' survival during Covid-19.

On 20 August, CFO South Africa, in partnership with Oracle South Africa, will be hosting a webinar that looks into how organisations can accelerate their digitisation journey to survive the impact of Covid-19. Oracle vice president and head of customer marketing for ERP and Finance Steve Cox will be detailing what companies need to achieve, and what new technologies will impact businesses and their processes in the new world of work. 

He says that many organisations around the world have a “Vision 2025” document, detailing how they would embrace digital transformation within the next five years. “As the impact of Covid-19 was felt, companies that were only starting their digital journey found that they had to arrive at their 2025 destination overnight. If they weren’t ready, it became a question of survival.”

Steve, author of Modern Best Practice - Explained, has mastered the art of predicting future trends. However, he says that’s not necessary right now – “Fifty things we said we’d do by 2025, we’re doing this afternoon.” 

In the webinar, Steve will explore the key findings in his book, sharing practical insights into the pace of change, and the mechanisms businesses can use to survive the times of today. Leveraging new technologies, and understanding the impact that can be made immediately to business today, helping businesses of all sizes to survive and even thrive through these changes. 

Recent research shows that 77 percent of finance activities can be automated, leaping to 89 percent if you look at the supply chain side, and that 61 percent of organisations that have invested in AI and emerging technologies have seen decreased costs. 

Steve presents a compelling argument and will leave you with the conviction that right now, even in the middle of the world’s worst healthcare crisis since 1918, you can achieve digitisation – because the technology is here to help.

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