FinTech Academy set for April launch

The FinTech Academy Africa, a collaboration between FinTech Circle and the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi), is set to launch in SA on 24 and 25 April, in Johannesburg.

Aimed at C-suite executives, the academy offers an intensive two-day curriculum, which is based on The FinTech Book, to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the FinTech industry. It will also use global expertise to stimulate African innovation in the space.

CiTi CEO Ian Merrington said:

"Board directors and Executive Committee members are increasingly being called upon to make far-reaching strategic business decisions in areas affected by rapidly developing disruptive technology. The curriculum of the FinTech Academy has been specifically developed to fast-track their knowledge, support decision making and also to future-proof their careers."

"We have taken particular care to adapt the curriculum to be of relevance to executives who are based in Africa. South Africa and the rest of the continent present a number of unique and exciting opportunities for the use of FinTech, particularly in areas of FinTech convergence," explained FinTech Circle CEO Nicole Anderson (pictured).