Fort Hare SA's top achiever in accounting board exams


The University of Fort Hare’s (UFH) accounting department outperformed all other South African universities to score the highest pass rate in the recent South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) board exam.

Fort Hare achieved a 92% pass rate - sharing the top spot with the University of Pretoria. UCT scored a pass rate of 81%, University of Stellenbosch 90%, University of Johannesburg 82%, Rhodes 67% and the University of the Free State 52%.

Wendy Terblanche, Fort Hare accounting department deputy head, said:

"We are super excited… We are so proud because we are on a par with the University of Pretoria, so that is such an indicator of the quality of our graduates… We've been getting good results all along, but this is the first time we are top in the country."

UFH was the first previously disadvantaged university to be accredited by Saica 10 years ago, and thus this is a very important achievement. UFH's accounting department is also known as the Nkuhlu department of accounting in tribute to Professor Wiseman Nkuhlu (pictured), the first black person to qualify as a chartered accountant in 1976.

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