Hind Zabit unpacks the art of navigating growth


Kasada Services financial planning and analysis manager, Hind Zabit unpacks how she bridges cultures in her career.

Hind Zabit, the forward-thinking group financial planning and analysis manager of Kasada Services, has had a journey that hasn’t been a linear ascent to the C-suite, but rather a dynamic exploration of her own potential.

As a young woman, she embarked on her career with a determination to not merely break through barriers, but to redefine them. “When pursuing my first management position, I faced the challenge of being both young and a woman,” Hind recalls. “However, I was determined to excel and make a positive impact for myself and my colleagues.”

Her rise to the position of CFO within one of the largest global specialist funds in electrical and digital building infrastructure at the remarkably tender age of 25 wasn’t just a testament to Hind’s unwavering drive, but it also signalled that age and gender are no impediments to success when armed with dedication.

Revolutionising hospitality

Hind joined Kasada Services in 2022. The group’s rapid growth, acquiring 18 properties in less than three years, has presented her with a formidable yet exhilarating challenge. “We are growing at such a rapid pace that we must act swiftly,” she acknowledges.

She says the ever-changing nature of the hospitality industry adds an extra appeal to her role, and finds the industry’s constant evolution fascinating. “We handle everything from renovations and construction to purchasing existing hotels and rebranding them.” she explains.

“What truly captivates me about working at Kasada Services is the opportunity to contribute to building the business structure from the ground up,” she reflects – a far cry from her previous role at a multinational institution Legrand where everything was already established.

“My role extends far beyond the traditional confines of finance,” she adds. “My responsibilities and the exchanges with my colleagues and within the group encompass a wide range of areas, including supply chain dynamics, HR intricacies, legal complexities, and overall operational strategies.”

This diverse exposure has granted her a deep understanding of multifaceted business functions. Hind explains that this comprehensive experience has allowed her to develop a strong grasp of various aspects of the business.

Finding purpose in a multinational landscape

Kasada Hospitality Fund boasts an impressive portfolio of diverse properties across Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda and South Africa so far . Hind, who is a native of Morocco, has always been captivated by Africa and considers it a true privilege to work across the continent.

“For me, Africa is more than just a market; my role within Kasada Services extends beyond mere business transactions. Every financial choice we make impacts countless lives, and we work hard to build a brighter future in every location we are in,” she says.

Fluent in five languages, including French, English, Spanish, Moroccan dialect and Arabic, when she joined the company, her linguistic versatility proved to be a powerful asset. Her proficiency in multiple languages not only amplifies her leadership skills but also empowers her to seamlessly bridge the gap between different cultures.

“By eliminating language barriers, I can effortlessly exchange ideas and form ties with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This allows me to swiftly grasp different environments and establish a shared foundation, ultimately enabling seamless collaboration.”

Balancing passion and professionalism: life beyond the boardroom

Beyond the confines of boardrooms and financial reports lies a world where Hind’s passions find their canvas. “Dancing allows me to express myself freely, providing a stark contrast to the structured and organised nature of my work,” she says. She loves movement so much she teaches dance as a hobby and often leads classes in Salsa, Bachata, Semba and Kizomba among others.

She has varied interests – photography, drawing, and spending quality time with family, and says her commitment to capturing moments through the lens of a camera and the strokes of a pencil reflects the same dedication that defines her professional life. “Drawing serves as a therapeutic escape,” she shares.

As Hind navigates the intricate dance between ambition and accomplishment, she says her journey is only beginning, and she has big plans for her work at Kasada Services as she aspires to be someone who reshapes the future of finance and hospitality in Africa and beyond.

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