Into the future: five CFOs take a look at what lies ahead for them


These CFOs still see themselves in positions of influence in corporate South Africa.

We asked CFOs where they think they will be in the future and what they would have accomplished in the time until then. None of them have retirement in sight! Rather, they all plan to pave the way for their successors and still serve in the corporate world of South Africa. 

Syspro CFO Jaco Maritz said that by the time he is 55 (over 10 years) he hopes to have grown personally and professionally. “I want to have achieved a lot for Syspro.”

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Acacia Mining CFO Jaco Maritz said that in 10 years’ time, he plans to still be in a corporate business and part of an executive team. 

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Dimension Data CFO Barry Curtin said he remains very committed to Dimension Data’s current strategy, which will be measured at the end of 2020, at which time he would have been in the role for eight years. He believes it will be a good time to reassess his career options and ambitions as he is conscious not to stagnate in the role, and that fresh thinking and new blood may be good for the company.

“At some point, it will be time for someone else to do this role. With Dimension Data now being a significant global company with a presence in over 51 countries around the world, along with recent exciting announcements and developments with NTT, the parent company, I believe there will be opportunities within the group that will challenge me and enhance my professional development,” he said. 

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Area CFO-in-waiting to a global pharmaceutical business and 2018 CFO Awards nominee Osman Mia has been in London since 2016, on a two-plus-two-year contract. His ambition is to take on the Middle East and Africa CFO role or a larger global finance role. 

“Ultimately, I would like to come back to South Africa, possibly as the head of the South African AstraZeneca organisation. If that’s not available, I may come back to South Africa in a finance role in another, larger organisation. But home is where the heart is, and I will always return to South Africa.” 

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ITL CFO and 2018 Transformation & Empowerment Award winner Peter Walsh hopes that by the time he is 50 or 52 years old, he’ll have more influence in corporate South Africa. He hopes to be doing something that’s making a massive difference. 

“But the little things are where it starts. It’s these things which change hearts and minds. And while not everyone can do big things, none of us have an excuse not to do the little things.”

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