Julius Mojapelo says he's ready to roll up his sleeves as new IIA SA CEO


IIA SA has appointed Julius as its new CEO following the resignation of Claudelle von Eck.

The Institute of Internal Auditors SA (IIA SA) has announced the appointment of Julius Mojapelo as its new CEO with effect from 1 June 2020. 

About his appointment, Julius said: 

“I am ready to roll up my sleeves and lead our members and this fine organisation into what is clearly an uncertain future. How we do our business, conduct risk and assurance, ensure the highest form of governance and maintain ethical behaviour when things around us are being upended by either a public health crisis crippling our economy or corruption is what we, as the internal audit sector, must now grapple with.”

He added that these, and other myriad challenges, should be viewed positively as it could necessitate constructive changes to how internal audit is now conducted in fast-changing environments. 

“I foresee challenges but I also foresee change for the better. These and other obstacles will simply make us wiser, more responsive and acting quicker as to how we do our jobs and ensuring that things are done properly and in the right manner that benefits all in our society and not just a few.” 

Julius will be taking over from acting CEO Charles Nel, who stepped in after the resignation of Claudelle von Eck to pursue other interests. 

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According to the announcement, Julius currently serves as the acting executive for Members and Global Alliances at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) where he manages four divisions. He specialises in public finance management, reporting, assurance, governance, human resources and business development. 

He has been at SAICA since 2015 and has previously served as a senior executive responsible for the public sector. He is also currently the chairperson of the Public Sector Audit Committee Forum and sits on the interim oversight board of the African Professionalisation Initiative. Prior to this, he was a senior manager at Nkonki Incorporated. 

IIA SA chairman James Gourrah said in the statement that the IIA SA board was impressed by Julius’s energy and intrinsic understanding of the internal audit sector as well as his knowledge of member-led organisations.

He said: 

“In addition, we live in uncertain times with Covid-19 changing how we all function as individuals, organisations and as a society. And, when you throw into the mix South Africa’s recent crises surrounding maladministration and corporate malfeasance, we feel he is the right person to lead IIA SA and its members into the future.”

To this end, James said that having come from within the industry, Julius brings with him an acute knowledge of the challenges faced by professional bodies in South Africa - both previous and current - and will be able to leverage his experience, skills and learning from SAICA into the IIA SA.

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