KPMG and MacRobert Attorneys form tax dispute resolution alliance


The state of South Africa’s economy and more ambitious tax revenue targets, together with uncertainty on various tax principles and policy matters, has led to an increase in tax dispute matters. Against this background, KPMG and MacRobert Attorneys have joined forces to create a Tax Dispute Resolution Alliance. There is a shared vision between the two firms on how to help clients on dispute resolution matters without adopting aggressive and expensive tax litigation practices.

Nelia Wessels, Tax Director of MacRobert Attorneys, says they are excited about the partnership. "We believe that this is the team that you need on your side to understand your business and to resolve disputes efficiently and collaboratively," she says.

Muhammad Saloojee (pictured), Executive Director and Head of Tax and Legal for KPMG in South Africa, says:

"While the choice of attorney remains firmly that of the client, the alliance with MacRobert Attorneys will enable us to take full control of tax dispute matters and support those of our clients who require such assistance, from tax query stage all the way to the highest courts. The alliance also provides our clients with greater accessibility to the top Senior Advocates in tax dispute and administrative law matters. Whether it's in the boardroom or in court, our alliance with MacRobert Attorneys sets us ahead of our competition and presents our clients with a unique blend of deep tax technical and tax litigation skills."

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