Meeting Luvuyo Masinda, Standard Bank - powerful 1st impressions


Our managing director Graham Fehrsen recently met up with Luvuyo Masinda, deputy CFO Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) at Standard Bank. A meaningful conversation ensued about the power of first impressions and the tremendous value CFO South Africa's events have to offer thanks to its "diversity and calibre of CFOs".

By Graham Fehrsen

Two minutes - that's all it takes to form an impression. In an age of instant gratification, Google search and LinkedIn you're likely to have offered someone a first impression without knowing it, whether you're a professional or an organisation.

By creating learning and networking opportunities for South Africa's leading finance professionals, CFO South Africa is constantly offering first impressions. It is something we focus on and something we embrace as an opportunity to change and improve. We're constantly looking for feedback to improve this platform and we're really conscious of the two minute impression. It was with this in mind that I asked Luvuyo Masinda, deputy CFO CIB at Standard Bank, for his view on a recent exclusive CFO event. "Not only was it really enjoyable, but the diversity and calibre of CFOs around the table made for an excellent evening."

Luvuyo isn't a man who wastes his words and it was clear his first impression was positive. "Our fear in big organisations is that we aren't being nimble or responsive enough, that we aren't keeping up so to speak, and the opportunity to check and confirm that we are moving the dial effectively is important."

Reflecting on my time with one of South Africa's finance leaders, it seemed CFO South Africa was doing what was necessary to make a very positive and meaningful first impression. The longevity of a first impression can be understood by looking for a qualitative pattern that not only confirms the first impression but subsequently extends and deepens that impression. Ongoing conversations with our CFO community and a willingness to learn as we go is, what we believe, will set ensure an increasingly positive response and first impression of the CFO community.

If you have a lasting first impression or an idea you'd like to share with us, please do. Afterall it's your community.

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