Mentor vs. Mentee: Avashnee Ramdial and Jalpa Desai


A Q&A with mentor Avashnee Ramdial and mentee Jalpa Desai about what they’ve learned from each other.

For CFO South Africa’s annual Women’s Dinner, which is hosted in partnership with CHRO and CIO South Africa, executive women from each community are encouraged to bring along their mentees to share in the learning and networking experience.

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CFO South Africa caught up with the powerful duo of Stanlib CFO Avashnee Ramdial (mentor) and Stanlib Asset Management head of finance Jalpa Desai (mentee) to find out what they have learned from each other.

Avashnee, what have been the most important things you have tried to impart to your mentee, and why?

  1. To always believe in yourself, regardless of what is happening around you.
  2. To be resilient and persevere in what you believe in.

Jalpa, what have been some of the most valuable lessons you have learnt from your mentor, and how have they been useful in your development and career?

To be brave, resilient and comfortable in any situation. This has helped in remaining independent and maintaining an objective stance to stakeholders. Because of this, my opinion is sought and respected by my stakeholders.

Avashnee, what have you learned from your mentee in the process? And how has it helped you as a leader?

My key learnings from Jalpa have been to remain calm and positive in the midst of the chaos around you. She always has a smile and is kind, which is so reassuring

Jalpa, what do you think the current generation of business leaders could learn from those who are coming up?

Focus on things that you can control and stay calm in any situation. Use time to your advantage, things will generally work out by itself. Relationship-building and leveraging this to add value rather than just producing numbers differentiates us in the new age. Embrace any technology available to your advantage.

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