Nedbank CIB provides supply chain finance survival guide in CFO SA Webinar


Mike Brandon and Lloyd Caughey explain how CFOs can mitigate the risk of disrupted supply chains.

On 27 August, CFO South Africa, in partnership with Nedbank CIB, will be hosting a webinar in which Nedbank CIB trade specialists Mike Brandon and Lloyd Caughey will unpack the current reality and the implications of the local and global factors impacting supply chains.

“Due to the business disruptions of Covid-19, corporates often need to impose extended payment terms on their suppliers in order to manage their own cash flows,” Lloyd says, adding that these disruptions can have devastating consequences for the suppliers, and the distress inevitably filters down through the entire supply chain ecosystem, the economy and job market.

“We have a unique perspective as we work with multiple corporates across all major sectors in the South African economy and have seen strategies that demonstrate now to solve some of the pain points being experienced by CFOs currently,” Mike says. 

Mike and Lloyd will then outline their supply chain finance survival guide for corporates and their suppliers. Through innovative thinking and effective partnerships with banks, corporates have the ability to help their suppliers survive the extended crisis. The webinar will showcase the benefits of some cutting-edge digital solutions that are currently available and will highlight ways to secure smart, short-term supply chain bridging finance.

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