New Professional Body for Accounting Technicians

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AAT(SA) was launched in October 2008 as a new professional home for accounting technicians in South Africa.

AAT(SA) is a professional body that offers practical, internationally recognised accounting qualifications. We can be of great benefit to your financial staff at all levels, from people in administrative positions to professional accountants. AAT(SA) helps develop your staff's efficiency. AAT(SA) will facilitate your staff's career in finance and accountancy. Whatever the size and nature of your organisation, training your finance staff to be more skilled and professional, increases productivity and makes good business sense.

AAT(SA) is a joint venture between the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the international professional body, AAT. It was formed out of a need identified by SAICA for accountants at levels other than Chartered Accountants in South Africa. AAT(SA) alsoi has customised programmes for both local government and the public sector, allowing AAT(SA) to provide for skills so urgently needed in the country.

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