Otto Paul Brand, IBM: grow, grab market share and drive customer loyalty with shared service centers


This week Brand met with the CFO SA team and chatted about the challenges and exciting opportunities of selling shared service centres to big clients in Africa. “If we get it right, we get contracts of 50 million to 1 billion US Dollar over 5 years.”

Alex van Groningen and Melle Eijckelhoff of CFO SA are currently engaged in an intensive round of meetings and interviews with top influencers in the South African financial sector. In conjunction with Accenture they hosted a successful CFO Round Table and CFO Café on Thursday in the Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg. They also met with Brand to discuss the South African CFO world and the products IBM has to offer to top financial professionals.

In South Africa IBM Global Process Services already works with all major banks and other clients include phone companies and insurers. The company builds and runs shared service centres for divisions like Customer Relationship Management, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Procurement and Supply Chain Management. IBM is convinced that their approach not only saves money, but also enables companies to grow, grab market share and drive customer loyalty.

Keep an eye on this website in the next few weeks for a more in depth insight into IBMs approach.

From left to right in the picture: Alex van Groningen (CFO SA) and Otto Paul Brand (IBM Global Process Services).

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