Deloitte's Andrew Mackie shares his thoughts on the value of the CFO community


Andrew Mackie, Deloitte’s newly appointed Head of Audit for Africa, believes there is great value in cultivating a strong network of CFOs and building a community of finance leaders. Mackie says he is excited about Deloitte partnering with CFO South Africa: “It is vital, particularly in these tumultuous times, that finance leaders hunker down together and find common ground.”

Born in Zambia and educated in Johannesburg, relationships have been the cornerstone for Mackie's own career. He says:

"The CFO events unite the CFO community, creating a space for CFOs to engage on matters of common interest. The opportunity for CFOs to have a glass of wine together and - the next day - pick up the phone and have a conversation based on these relationships, is amazing."

He also believes that giving credit where credit is due is important. He says:

"The annual CFO Awards is a great event. The event really celebrates success. The fact that one CFO may win in one particular year, does not mean he or she will it every single year. It means this particular finance leader has dealt extremely well with the circumstances that the company has found itself in."

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