PSG Konsult reports impressive 16 percent rate of growth


CEO Francois Gouws says the company is satisfied with the results, especially as times are tough.

This week, PSG Konsult (which comprises three operating units: PSG Wealth, PSG Asset Management and PSG Insure) announced that for the year ending 28 February 2018, it had delivered a 16 percent rate of growth in recurring headline earnings per share, along with a return on equity of 24 percent.

Francois Gouws, PSG Konsult CEO, says the continued upward trajectory of the company’s key operating and financial metrics, despite the tough operating conditions, demonstrates the resilience of PSG Konsult’s business model. He said: “We are satisfied with this result in the context of the prevailing investment market conditions.”

For the period under review, PSG Konsult’s total assets under management increased by 17 percent to R205 billion, comprising assets managed by PSG Wealth of R162 billion and PSG Asset Management of R43 billion, whilePSG Insure’s gross written premiums amounted to R3.296 billion.

Some of the key points include:

  • Core income up 11 percent, to R4.2 billion
  • Headline and recurring headline earnings up 16 percent, totalling R566.4 million
  • Recurring headline earnings per share up 16 percent, to 43.0 cents
  • Total assets under management up 17 percent, to R205 billion
  • Dividend per share up 18 percent, to 18.0 cents

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