Publicis CFO Karen Clarke's finance team is thinking out the box


The team has thought up new creative ways to contribute to the business during Covid-19.

Publicis CFO Karen Clarke believes Covid-19 and lockdown is bringing out the creativity in people.

In one of CFO South Africa’s CFO Community Conversations Karen said: 

“Lockdown has forced finance professionals to come out of their boxes and contribute in a much more creative way.” 

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Which is exactly what her finance team has done. “My finance team has come up with different business ideas and how to propose them to clients,” she says. “The sales and development teams have actually been able to sell some of the ideas.” 

Her team has come up with ways to do virtual conferencing for clients from the finance team. They’ve also decided on and implemented additional robotic processing on the server while they are working from home. 

“The finance team has created a completely paperless finance department, with electronic signing and tracking of approvals, and more,” Karen adds. 

But they didn’t stop at work. Publicis’ finance team has also created themed “meetings” where they have to wear funny hats, pyjamas, meet each other’s family and more. 

In this way, her finance team has helped each other take some of the pressure off of the harsh environment Covid-19 has created. 

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