Richmond Municipality CFO's home and cars seized


Sanjay Mewalall's assets were seized following allegations that he defrauded the municipality of R2 million.

On Monday, Richmond Municipality’s CFO Sanjay Mewelall had his luxury house in Northdale and 16 vehicles seized by the Asset Forfeiture Unit seized their, following a secretive application brought before Durban’s high court last month.  

The assets, which are valued at almost R1.5 million, were allegedly obtained by Sanjay as a result of defrauding the municipality of almost R2 million, along Singhu Bhoga and Seema Maniram.

The companies MKT Services, which belongs to Singhu, and Thistle Group, which belongs to Sanjay’s wife Leanne, have also been frozen under a court order.

Kenneth Samuel, a director of public prosecutions, said that the arrests follow a probe into fraud and corruption at the Richmond Municipality, referring to affidavits made by the financial investigator, Akbar Ally, and the criminal investigator, Bradley Swift

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