Robin Beetge, ReadSoft: "Bridging the gap between finance and procurement`


Around 20 customers have already discovered the services of ReadSoft, automating their invoice handling and other finance processes. "It's all about bridging the gap between finance and procurement," Beetge said. His team normally screens an organisation in about two days and comes up with recommendations. "But it could also just be an hour conversation with a CFO. We can very quickly decide if the first step needs to be technology implementation or a change in the organisation."

Van Groningen and Eijckelhoff spoke at length with Beetge, to learn more about ReadSoft's vision for growth in Africa, details of which will be published on this website within the following weeks.
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From left to right in the picture: Robin Beetge (ReadSoft South Africa), Alex van Groningen (CFO SA) and Melle Eijckelhoff (CFO SA).

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