CFO South Africa events are eligible for SAICA CPD points (continuous professional development)


Did you know all events of CFO South Africa are eligible for SAICA CPD points (continuous professional development)?

A CA(SA), in order to remain compliant, has to achieve a CPD over a 3-year cycle through various means. Some must be verifiable (2/3 - which is training attendance or where a physical record can be shown) and other can be non-verifiable (1/3, which is like reading a book or article or attending meetings etc).

The new SAICA CPD policy which was actually revised in 2013, is much clearer and although SAICA has communicated this to members, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions about what can be seen as 'verifiable' CPD.

SAICA members are able to attend ANY training through ANY provider, and it can be recorded as verifiable CPD, and will contribute to their required CPD. The important thing is that CA's keep a record of the training attendance. Although SAICA doesn't issue certificates or attendance records, one way of doing this is by having a certificate, or alternatively, which is easier, just an invoice or email indicating attendance.

The new CPD policy that was revised, means that members no longer need to log their CPD on the SAICA CPD site (where they have had to do it since the CPD policy was started a few years ago). The new policy is basically self-compliance, and they must only declare that they have complied with the CPD requirements set out by SAICA, and upon an audit (this will be done randomly to check whether members are complying as they say they do), they must be able to prove that those hours they said they have logged, they did actually do (i.e. by showing the dates of the training, the provider and some sort of confirmation of attendance - i.e. an email).

So in brief: CA's do not have to follow 'SAICA accredited' courses or anything like that. CA's are free to attend what they want as long as it is relevant to the CA and their professional development. They are also able to log as many hours as they like, depending on how much they think they have learnt at a session, i.e. if the course was 5 hours but they really only felt they obtained 2 hours of learning, they should log 2 hours. The system is based on relying on the members' judgement and also his integrity in order to be able to record CPD. A lot of SAICA members are still choosing to log their CPD on the site, however they don't have to use SAICA courses for this at all.

If SAICA members are unclear, they can email Brett Godfrey, Project Director CPD of SAICA to obtain clarity. The self-compliance form can be found here following this link. In addition, SAICA members can, after having logged in to the SAICA website, read all about the policy here (,

So be sure. CFO South Africa events and training courses are eligible for SAICA CPD points (continuous professional development) Please have a look at CFO South Africa's events and also have a look at CFO South Africa's training courses. CFO South Africa will provide you with a signed and dated certificate of attendance after joining our event and signing the attendees list! You can use this certificate for your CPD records.

Most CFO's in South Africa are CA's and have to remain compliant. By attending CFO South Africa's events and training courses they will stay compliant.

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