Sibusiso Xaba appointed as CFO of TPS at Standard Bank


Standard Bank appointed Sibusiso Xaba as the new CFO of Transactional Products and Services on 1 June 2018.

Before becoming CFO of Transactional Products and Services at Standard Bank, Sibusiso Xaba was the chief operating officer of Transactional Products and Services (TPS). He has also served as the head of working capital analytics, SBSA, CIB, TPS SA Sales and the head of product control (finance) for TPS. Prior to joining Standard Bank, he was an external audit manager at Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo and a vocational student at Anglo American. 

His plans for the new role are: 

“I am fortunate to inherit a world-class finance team. The challenge is how I build on this, to respond to the needs of our clients and business. We need to bridge the conversation between business and finance and formulate strategies that will inform our client and business growth.  Finance needs to understand and appreciate that we not only contracted to support business, but also to the delivering of brilliant basics to our clients directly in ensuring the operations IT and all support function work effectively as intended, and that we hold business accountable in delivering to the client promise.” 

He adds that this does not preclude his team’s commitment to their external stakeholders to ensure that their financial statements are a fair reflection of their performance. 

“People are a great passion of mine. I thrive from working in teams. I see people for not where they are, but where they ought to be. How do you grow and nurture that so one gets the best in our people.”

And lastly, he and his team will focus on using technology to reduce both finance and business cost. 

“This would be key in ensuring we find the much-needed capacity to build a thinking tank of smart finance professionals who can help growing our clients and the Standard Bank business,” he concludes. 

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