Stress management and resilience-building are critical workplace skills says Barbara Parker


The Meditation for Business CEO will talk about how to future-proof your productivity at the Finance Indaba.

On 16 October, Meditation for Business CEO Barbara Parker will be speaking at the Finance Indaba, along with her COO Alexandra Hadfield

The session, titled “Stress vs your bottom line: Future-proof your productivity”, will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre. 

“The character profile of the 21st century workplace professionals requires the ability to withstand rapid and relentless structural changes to economies, markets and companies,” Barbara explains. “Without stress management skills, professionals will simply be overwhelmed by the demands of the emerging fourth industrial revolution.” 

Barbara recalls a time when an HR executive asked her if she could pop in and give the team of senior managers a few tips on breathing techniques to they could manage their stress better. “She was not being glib, just naive,” Barbara said. 

She explained that, in 2016, work-related stress and major depression, burnout and anxiety disorders cost South Africa’s economy an estimated R40.6 billion – equivalent to 2.2 percent of gross domestic product. 
“Losses came in the form of unsupportable absenteeism, lower productivity, staff turnover, workers’ compensation, medical insurance and other stress-related expenses,” Barbara said. 
Hardly something that can be solved with a pop-in workshop. 
Fortunately, stress management is today getting the attention it deserves to safeguard the health of employees and the profits of organisations, thanks to stress management coaches like Barbara. 
“Today, stress management and resilience-building are recognised worldwide as critical workplace skill sets to safeguard future productivity, profits and careers,” she continued. “Understanding what it takes to effectively implement and maintain these skills is crucial for all decision-makers.” 
Barbara will be giving some insight into how you can future-proof your productivity and profits through stress management and resilience building in the workplace at the Finance Indaba. 

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