The CFO and technology: how lombard tyres stays on the high road with 4most



Lombard Tyres, one of South Africa's largest independent tyre dealers for the past 30 years, had a challenge to centralise its accounting, business management, stock control and reporting processes. Any CFO that has embarked on this kind of project, will tell you that it could have been a technological nightmare.

So what were their challenges?
"A major stumbling block for us was that 20 branches were reporting via separate general ledgers," said Lombard Tyres financial manager Sean Kruger. "We needed an integrated system on a centralised platform and server with an ERP solution to track all the processes and enable the implementation of better and quicker reporting to management."

"We had to install new servers and therefore needed failovers so we conducted considerable research into available ERP solutions and initiated contact with 4most. The resulting discussions clearly demonstrated that 4most was the company to take Lombard Tyres to the next level. The solution they presented to us has been very successful to date and we are proud that we decided to go with 4most."

The Lombard Tyres solution also included a re-design of the IT platform. "This was a daunting challenge that 4most guided us through, particularly in our area of greatest concern, namely stock, its movement and transfer. A flawless change-over involving both 4most experts and our staff was implemented and we now have a central control point for all of our stock on a single integrated platform."

The Lombard Tyres employees were initially challenged by the new system. Kruger said resistance to change was a factor but with a flawless overnight conversion conducted under the guidance of a 4most senior consultant, training and a hands-on approach, staff soon saw the advantages, particularly the simplification of previously complex procedures which led to quicker work turnaround and improved productivity.

"Our staff began to enjoy using SAP Business One, having seen that the benefits are vast. The internal controls in the software help employees to perform their daily tasks more quickly and efficiently. We can now report financials almost immediately and stock control and movement is automatically updated. Return on investment is important to us and our return has been positive with a reduction in stock loss and a significant improvement in staff productivity."

Kruger added that a key benefit of the SAP Business One solution is the add-on software that is available. Particularly useful to Lombard Tyres is the ability to bulk email all statements with seamless integration into the system. "The impact has been felt by our clients who are realising the added value of improved services. A mailing add-on was developed for us by 4most and this has been beneficial to our business."

Lombard Tyres customers appreciate the efficiency of the bulk email system. Development work done by 4most also resulted in the implementation of a bond store integration service which has assisted the company by improving workflow and streamlining business processes.

"The 4most senior management have built up a great relationship with us. I don't think they could have done anything better and we have not hesitated to recommend 4most to other companies. Our research and our own experience with 4most confirm that there is no other product out there that could have met our requirements so exactingly."

The interview with Sean Kruger from Lombard Tyres can be viewed below.

This March will see the launch of the 4most 'SAP Business One Seminar, Wholesale Retail: Start Achieving your Goals.' Focused on the challenges facing today's wholesale retail sector, it aims to provide a forum for the discussion and sharing of common issues, whilst exploring possible solutions and answers. 4most will present and demonstrate that, with the right software solution, it is possible to control your entire operation from a single platform. "It is essential to have a complete view of your entire business, allowing you to effectively manage your inventory, sales, distribution and financial elements, whilst working faster and smarter and delivering superior customer service," says Olivier.

4most will be joined by industry specialists, including Lombard Tyres, already enjoying the benefits of an industry specific integrated ERP solution. They will share with the audience both the specific challenges faced, together with how the SAP Business One for Wholesale Retail Solution is addressing their needs, allowing them to focus on what they enjoy most.

The event will be hosted at the SAP Business Park and registration is essential. Please visit and start achieving your goals today.

About 4most:
4most, established in 2004, is the number one supplier and implementer of SAP ERP business management solution software and technology solutions. With offices in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Namibia, along with a presence in Zambia and Malawi and a growing footprint in Tanzania, 4most offers a strong base provided by considerable experience and skills accumulated over 25 years.

We have implemented over 3000 SAP Business One users across numerous industries and have supplied services to more than 150 companies, including implementation, support and maintenance. Application modifications of SAP Business One and other ERP software systems have provided tailor-made and innovative solutions, which have created a competitive advantage for numerous businesses in Southern Africa.

4most truly partners with our clients from the very beginning. We have dynamic IT and business specialists, who provide customers with a platform for growth based on best practice and understand the SME-market as well as support functions which include infrastructure support and maintenance, software development and training.

We seek to fully understand our clients business and daily operational processes, we then address their requirements whilst sharing our knowledge and expertise and best advise them of industry standards and best practices. We provide them with a clear project plan detailing roles, responsibilities and timelines and we remain with our clients as they grow and help them to define their future business.

As an SAP Gold Partner, being the first and only partner to establish all-round SAP competency, the consistency of our expertise in business management solutions has earned 4most an award-winning reputation. The company boasts a dedicated client care centre and an in-house training facility for continued care. Our offices include a data centre to facilitate hosted solutions tailored to business specific requirements.

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