The two former CFOs at the heart of the Bosasa corruption scandal


Former CFOs Andries van Tonder and Patrick Gillingham have been named in the testimony by Angelo Agrizzi.

Former Bosasa official Angelo Agrizzi has mentioned Andries van Tonder, former Bosasa CFO, and Patrick Gillingham, former Department of Correctional Services CFO, in his testimony to the Zondo Inquiry into state capture. 

Agrizzi has produced video evidence captured by Van Tonder of money being taken from the Bosasa vaults, allegedly to be counted out to pay bribes. 

The Bosasa inquiry centres around bribes allegedly paid to former Correctional Services department commissioner Linda Mti, Gillingham and others. 

Van Tonder’s career started at Meritum. Two years later he joined Dyambu as a clerk, manually revising cashbooks, as well as creditor and debtor records. Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson offered him the opportunity to join the group of companies, where he modelled the financial systems for eighty companies within the group. 

Patrick Gillingham was suspended and subsequently resigned from the Department of Correctional Services in 2010, facing internal charges of fraud and corruption. 

An earlier version of this story reported that the video submitted as evidence by Angelo Agrizzi implicated former Bosasa CFO Andries van Tonder. Subsequent testimony has revealed that Van Tonder was the person taking the video, acting on Agrizzi’s instruction. 

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