Want to grow SA Inc? What every finance professional can do: Finance Indaba sneak peek 25


Shanduka Black Umbrelllas means change. It is a rally for action to mentor, partner and collaborate with black South African entrepreneurs, the key drivers to a new era of economic and social evolution. In this session, you will learn how business can incubate and drive small businesses through thoughtful and well designed processes that lead to economic success for both entities. You will hear from CFOs, small business owners and those who have implemented enterprise and supplier development models. If you're curious about how to grow SA Inc. don't miss this Finance Indaba Africa session!

What: Want to grow SA Inc? What every finance professional can do
Who: Nyasha Dzumbunu (CFO at Shanduka Black Umbrellas)
When: 13 October at 13h00
Where: Ballroom 3, Sandton Convention Centre

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Finance Indaba Africa is the biggest annual expo and conference for finance professionals. The Finance Indaba brings together thousands of colleagues, suppliers of technologies, platforms, tools, specialists, CFOs and thought leaders.

Over 5,000 visitors tap into a wealth of resources, know-how and inspiration. Gain unparalleled insights. Cut costs dramatically, send sales & productivity through the roof and boost your company's profits. Build a better future for yourself, your company and your country. Get your tickets today before they are sold out. Register now.

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