Webinar reveals how to predict the unpredictable in 7 simple steps


Oracle director of product strategy Andreea Vasiliu reveals how CFOs can future-proof their business.

On 1 October, CFO South Africa will be hosting a webinar, in partnership with Oracle, in which Oracle director of product strategy Andreea Vasiliu will share a seven-step framework for predicting the unpredictable.

“If we’ve learnt nothing else in 2020, it’s that businesses need to be adaptable and agile,” Andreea says. “But with all the uncertainty and unknowns, how do you ensure that you make the right decisions?”

She explains that, without the correct scenario planning tools, making the right decisions is impossible.

In this future-gazing webinar, she will share her top tips and leading customer case studies to provide insights on what CFOs need to future-proof their business.

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