Webinar to reveal how CFOs can become part of the disruptive technology sector


Kalon’s Clive Butkow: Everyone wants to be part of the tech sector, but they don’t always know how.

On 17 November, CFO South Africa will be hosting a webinar in which finance professionals will find out why they should be investing in Kalon Venture Partners.

Ignoring the economic downturn and the misery of the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs are innovating, building robust businesses and powering the future of the country’s economy and job market. This webinar is your opportunity to learn what some of these mavericks have been up to and – through a smart tax-free investment – get in on the growth and success.

“After Covid-19, everyone is realising that there is great value in digital businesses and they want to invest in digital technology to really transform their businesses,” says Kalon Venture Partners CEO Clive Butkow. “Everyone wants to be part of this disruptive tech sector, but they don’t necessarily know how. When they invest with us, they don’t need to do more. We take care of it.”

Kalon Venture Partners is investing in and building a portfolio of high-growth technology companies, with innovative business models, geared to existing and emerging institutions and their customers. Recently, no less than four out of Kalon’s eight investee companies were shortlisted by BCX for their Digital Innovation Awards.

During this webinar, you’ll hear from two of the brightest stars in Kalon’s orbit, Ozow and Sendmarc. “This is an opportunity for businesses to succeed,” says Ozow CEO Thomas Pays. “Innovation is what differentiates you from everyone else, and the easiest way to innovate is by providing the solutions that are needed.”

He explains that innovation is what defines the culture of Ozow. “This is what attracted Kalon to invest in Ozow and, apart from financial assistance, Kalon’s established board of directors has been able to provide good governance and best practice advice.

You can also find out how you can benefit from investing in the fund that makes the growth of these companies possible through the Section 12J legislation that allows for tax -free investing and great returns.

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