Webinar to reveal the benefits of back-office optimisation


Find out how SoluGrowth’s BPO project helped Mastercard achieve more than 30 percent cost savings.

SoluGrowth’s business process outsourcing (BPO) project for Mastercard Global has been a massive success. What started as a skills replacement project in the UK and Europe 17 years ago, expanded into a global project spanning vast aspects of the finance function. This project has delivered Mastercard a cost saving of more than 30 percent, and significant efficiencies.

On 24 November, CFO South Africa will be hosting a webinar that takes a deep dive into this BPO project. Mastercard director of transactional services Kim Besgrove will explain how business process outsourcing and automation built a case for itself at each new implementation across the business, and outline the savings and efficiencies realised as this global project rolled out.

Joining Kim, SoluGrowth CFO Francois Burger will outline the challenges to reduce costs facing all finance executives, and where the opportunities exist to optimise and drive continuous improvement across the finance and accounting function.

SoluGrowth CEO Sandile Gwala will also share the global trends that are driving applications in the finance and accounting functions, and what kind of results companies can anticipate. And Knowledge Executive CEO Mark Angus will bring together all of this and present the data that makes the case for back-office optimisation.

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