What does it mean to do the right thing?


CFO SA MD, Graham Fehrsen, encourages CFOs to do the right thing.

The world of finance has moved at light speed in the six short years CFO South Africa has been helping finance executives learn and network. The roles CFOs and FDs occupy are morphing at an alarming rate and we’ve been asking questions and sharing experiences in ways that I firmly believe have been good for the finance and accounting profession.

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What does it mean, in 2018, to do the right thing? The multitude of answers to this question are on display almost every day in corporate South Africa.

Unfortunately, more recently, we’ve seen a significant number of examples of what the wrong thing to do is. And most of us watched in fascination and disbelief as people took very little accountability when the right things weren’t done. 

With all that’s going on around us we’ve tried to stay true to the learning, network and career pillars on which our business has been built. Hosted for the first time on Constitution Hill, the CFO Awards on 10 May will offer finance leaders the chance to reflect, learn and network in an environment that genuinely challenges their perspective on doing the right thing. An hour before the awards ceremony, CFOs will walk 50 metres into the courtyard of the old men’s prison facility and tackle the topic “Social Justice and Corporate Responsibility” at our unique Masterclass. Perhaps as importantly though, we will celebrate financial excellence with the very best finance professionals. 

CFO Day on 17 July creates a first of its kind event where we ask CEOs and other extraordinary business leaders to share their perspectives and help finance leaders see new horizons. Inspired by the resilience and endless belief that most South Africans have in a better future, CFO Day will be one to remember.

Sneha Shah, Mteto Nyati, Andrew Darfoor, Phil Wilmington, Peter Mountford, Piet Mouton, Lee Naik and Ian Russel – just a few of the exceptional business leaders who will participate in this conversation and, combined with an exquisite dining experience, will help shape the insights, efforts and commitment of finance leaders.

Whatever your answer to the question on what it means to do the right thing, I hope you’ll take time to join your peers, make new contacts and help us continue the work of building a finance and accounting community that is robust, honest and willing to ask the most important questions of the time.

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