You know you're an accountant when…


Accounting is a profession that lends itself to stereotypes, but there are a few that ring true for most accountants. There are those things that will elicit a knowing smile from accounting professionals across the globe, moan as you might about unfair stereotyping. You know you're an accountant when…

You're always the one who's asked to divide the bill and the tip on a night out
You feign irritation, but are secretly delighted to get a chance to make sure everything balances. And you are invariably mortified when you get it wrong, because Shotgun Sally, your trusty calculator, wasn't on hand to provide assistance.

People you don't know are always asking you to help them pay less tax
People assume that tax is the be all and end all of the professional and that you exist solely to wangle as much as you can out of the taxman. And these people are not amused when you reply: "Why not try earning less money?"

When you name your calculator
She's been with you since your varsity days and has never let you down. The thought of being without her gives you cold shivers, the way losing a cellphone does to regular people. If people can name their dogs, what's wrong with you calling your 10BII "Ms Wiggles, the Ledger-Crusher"?

You didn't realise GAP was a clothing store
High fashion isn't really relevant unless they've brought in that new line of green peak caps and chocolate brown pleated trousers. Now GAAP and its principles is another story entirely. You would be a loyal patron of any store that sold GAAP

You call knocking off before 5pm a "half-day"
You don't care that other staff, like those in HR and marketing, are out the door before the clock strikes five. It is better when it is quiet - no-one asks you to make any mindless chit-chat when you pop into the kitchen for a muffin. You love the holidays, if only because it means less time is spent on your daily commute.

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