5 tips on how to be a better leader in 2023


DHL Express CFO Craig Henery shares his top tips on being the best you in everything you do.

At the end of each year, many of us make resolutions that end up falling away six months into the new year. DHL Express CFO Craig Henery’s resolution is to “be the best me in everything I do and with everyone I interact with”.

Here are his top five tips on how you can do the same!

  1. Remember everyone has a story, so be kind.
  2. Inspire and motivate the people around you.
  3. Have clear areas you want to focus on this year.
  4. Continue to drive positive change and innovation to ensure you futureproof your business, and do business in a sustainable way.
  5. Continue to develop your personal leadership.

During a CFO Community Conversation, Craig explained that one of DHL Express’s key focus areas is to improve people’s lives. “In South Africa, we have also continued to ensure we take care of our people’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing,” he said, encouraging other leaders and organisations to also step up and be their best.

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