A great CFO creates value, says ACCA’s Portia Mkhabela


ACCA is one of the Associate Partners at this year’s CFO Awards, which take place on 16 November.

A great CFO is someone who is able to create inclusion in the finance profession, says ACCA South Africa, Botswana and Remotely Managed Markets head Portia Mkhabela. “They need to be able to adapt to the new generation while encouraging an intergenerational transfer of skills within the organisation,” she explains.

ACCA is one of the Associate Partners of the CFO Awards this year, and will celebrate the great CFOs of South Africa on the evening of 16 November, when we crown the 2022 CFO of the Year.

“CFOs are the cornerstone of any organisation,” Portia says. “They are the pillars of corporate governance and a force for public good. They make or break economies. But most of all, we can’t create value without them.”

The annual CFO Awards recognise CFOs of listed companies, large corporations, state-owned entities and government institutions, and award them for outstanding performance and leadership. The ninth annual CFO Awards will be a celebration of the finance profession at the close of one of the most challenging years in living memory.

“It is key for the nominees of this year’s Awards to realise that more is expected and that their ethical conduct needs to be intact while they create value in our country. Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected,” Portia advises. “Being a CFO is not easy, and we celebrate and recognise the hard work you do.”

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