Accolades pour in for CFO SA's Women's Dinner


Women's Dinner attendees attest, CFO South Africa has gone above and beyond to create events that are relevant to CFOs' challenges and interests.

Last week, CFO South Africa hosted a Women’s Dinner to celebrate the bold and brave women in the CFO and CHRO communities. The team put a lot of thought and care into delivering an event that was both inspirational and meaningful to the women who attended. 

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“For this reason, we are gratified at the exceptional feedback we have received from women in our two communities, since the event,” says Graham Fehrsen, managing director of CFO South Africa. “To everyone who came, participated and took the time to give us great feedback, we thank you.” 

Here is what some of the leading executives who attended the event had to say:

Kgomotso Bokaba, Ford Motor Company of SA, Financial Manager (Mentee):

"Graham and the team are awesome. They knew almost all the guests by name upon arrival. Their relaxed way of facilitating the event made it different and engaging throughout. Keep up the great work.”

Ayanda Mafuleka, AEMFC, CFO:

"I would enthusiastically recommend for women to attend such events. The event is less formal, yet empowering and elegant. It is amazing to be in a room full of resilient, bold, wise and inspiring women who are trailblazers in their own right."

Rofhiwa Irene Singo, Department of Mineral Resources, CFO:

"As a professional, CFO South Africa has really become my home. I have met so many people in their events and these are often the people I have been trying to meet for a long time. The networking is amazing! Thank you CFO South Africa."

Jeanette Hern, Smollan, CFO:

"Excellent event, high quality speakers and a great networking opportunity."

Pamela Xaba, Ford Motor Company, HR Director:

"Thank you CFO South Africa and CHRO South Africa for bringing together like-minded professionals to learn, share and leverage from each other and grow in their respective fields, without feeling the need to compete. Thanks Graham and your hard working team."

Aneshree Naidoo, Deloitte, CFO:

"Engaging and uplifting network of inspiring professionals! I am proud to be part of this network. Onwards and upwards for SA with this team at the helm." 

The Women’s Dinner was sponsored by Workday PwC and Transparent, underscoring these companies’ commitment to promoting and supporting women leaders in the workplace.

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