CFO Bongiwe Ntuli shares her hopes for 2023


The TFG CFO looks to build on the success of 2022 and drive further growth, despite new challenges.

The enthusiasm for the new year is palpable, and TFG CFO Bongiwe Ntuli is hopeful that 2023 will bring great opportunities, despite the challenges South Africa is currently facing. She explains that her new year’s resolution is to prioritise her health, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

When it comes to business, however, Bongiwe is ready to take on the challenges that may come. In fact, following the success of TFG’s recent acquisition of Jet, she is ready to seek further opportunities to grow, despite the economic headwinds.

Her top three tips to take in the new year are:

  1. Balance sheet management and cash preservation are critical.
  2. People are our asset, therefore keeping staff motivated and engaged is key.
  3. Innovation is critical in times like these, so don’t think short-term only.

“Our role has never been so critical, and can add great value through proactive management of balance sheet and cash flow, as well as by ensuring we are delivering the right performance indicators, especially early indicators,” she adds. “Stakeholder management is also critical.”

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