CFO Book Club: The IMAGE that inspires Eddie Fivaz


TWK Agri CFO Eddie Fivaz draws inspiration from the principles Robin Sharma shares in his book.

Writer Robin Sharma believes there are certain skills and attitudes that allow leaders to rise to extraordinary success. In his book, The Leader who had no Title, Sharma offers a story designed to help people from all walks of life achieve great things.

The book reminded TWK Agri CFO Eddie Fivaz how applying basic principles to his everyday life can help him become a truly exceptional leader and human being. “In the book, Sharma makes use of acronyms to demonstrate these principles.The most important acronym for me is ‘IMAGE’,” he explains.

Sharma distills more than 15 years of working with high performers to deliver real-world strategies and foster a winning mindset.

“The principles in the book demonstrate that simple and small habits have the potential to create meaningful and massive change,” Eddie says.

In the book, IMAGE stands for “innovation, mastery, authenticity, guts and ethics”.

To see and actually apply the IMAGE principle every day, Eddie wakes up early and starts the day by reflecting on the previous day. “I reflect on the things I’ve done which are not in line with my IMAGE and how I can fix them. I also reflect on the successes of the previous day and how I can improve on them. Then I set goals for the new day,” he says.

In doing this, Eddie has learnt to start his day with the right mindset and a determination to own his day. “I have a busy schedule, high goals for the year, and perhaps a short temper. The morning reflection has helped me take ownership of my thoughts. When my mind is healthy, I can see the positive IMAGE clearly.”

He adds that, because of these principles, his EQ tends to be much higher, and he is more productive and able to add real value.

“The book taught me that you need to do your absolute best every day, no matter your role or perceived importance,” Eddie says. “You are an important part of the big picture.”

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