CFO Dorette Neethling explains how Adcock Ingram factory was cleaned after Covid-19 case


One Adcock Ingram plant was shut down and cleansed after employee tested positive for Covid-19.

At the start of May, Adcock Ingram had to shut its intravenous plant after one of its employees had tested positive for Covid-19. 

An employee came in feeling sick and was sent for testing immediately. The test came back positive. The Adcock management team leapt into action. 

“We had to shut down the plant for a deep clean and test all her primary contacts, which was around 60 other employees in her area,” CFO Dorette Neethling says. “Luckily, the tests all came back negative the next day.”

Shutting down that specific plant took a full day. The deep cleanse took another two days and, once the factory obtained clearance from the Department of Labour over the weekend, they started production again the next Monday. 

Dorette says Adcock had been preparing for a situation like this long before lockdown was even announced to the public. Their factories have been working round the clock in case one of them had to shut down due to infection. 

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