CFO Eddie Fivaz and his team to take on 2023 with renewed energy


The TWK Agri finance team’s motto for the new year is to be nothing less than their very best.

TWK Agri CFO Eddie Fivaz believes that success belongs to the energetic. As such, Eddie’s new year’s resolution is to get his health into high gear so that he can take on each day full of energy and with radiating vitality. And he hopes to inspire his team to do the same.

“The theme of my team for the new year is: Nothing less than my very best,” Eddie says. “The goal is to dig deep and to achieve maximum potential.”

He explains that the success of the TWK Group, and its ultimate value, is primarily dependent upon its people. “To this end, we invest in the development of the greatest potential for each employee in order to create job satisfaction and career opportunities for individuals.”

One of his goals for 2023 is to register TWK as a SAICA training centre. “This will enable aspiring South African chartered accountants (CAs) to sign up for a SAICA traineeship with the group, provided they are keen on doing their articles in the business finance stream – as opposed to the typical auditing stream,” Eddie adds.

Four members of Eddie’s finance team are currently studying towards their CA qualification, and in solidarity, Eddie hopes to improve his own knowledge. “I am going to dust off the books from my shelves and study as well,” he says.

TWK’s investment in information technology and attracting shareholders also remains a priority for this year. “The TWK Group has proven its ability to succeed within the sector in which we operate and capable of adapting and moving forward with our strategic objectives. A prerequisite to succeed with our strategic objective is the attraction of a broader shareholder base, especially institutional investors, in order to unlock real value and grow the business further on a sustainable basis,” he explains.

“A new year is a chance to reorganise, recalibrate and renew your motivations,” Eddie says. “But finding direction, even if the goal is just to improve on your previous year’s effort, is easier said than done.”

He adds that, to uplift every aspect of your life, you’ll need to make up your mind to carry on even if the situation is very difficult and make good progress with persistent determination. “Success will not happen if you run yourself into the ground. Regular mood boosts like jogging or spending time in nature will ramp up your resilience and arm you for when the going gets tough. Invest in your health and maintain a healthy balance in everything you do,” Eddie concludes.


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