CFO-Award-winning Dumisani Dlamini now CFO of SANParks


Dumisani Dlamini has left the National Arts Council to instead take up the role as SANParks CFO.

Double-CFO-Awards-winner Dumisani Dlamini recently left his role as CFO of the National Arts Council (NAC) to take up the role of CFO at SANParks. He took over from Rajesh Mahabeer, who moved into a role in the private sector, at Garuda Capital. We caught up with Dumisani to ask him about his new role at SANParks, his time at the NAC, and what it means to win two CFO Awards – Young CFO of the Year 2016 and Public Sector CFO of the Year 2016.

  • Read about Dumisani’s CFO Awards wins here and read more about him here.

Why are you excited about your new role as CFO at SANParks?
“It’s always exciting to make a contribution to South African government and SANParks provides me with a great opportunity to make a difference in the conservation and tourism industry. It is not about crunching numbers but it is about creating a real value for business. There is a great executive team, great finance team and a great environment to work.”

What was your proudest achievement at the NAC?
“My tenure at NAC was a great experience and probably the best so far in my career. There were many achievements in that organisation but if I were to pick one, that would probably be assisting the organisation to obtain clean audits for three consecutive years.”

What has winning two CFO Awards meant to you?
“Winning two CFO awards opened many doors for me, including opportunities to speak at various conferences and other events. It has been a great inspiration for me to do more and be more. Not to mention the inspiration to other black professionals who are building their finance career, it is a strong indication that everything is possible.”

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