Women get the best out of staff: CHRO SA meets Servest's Noma Nyembo


Nomakuze Mguqulwa-Nyembo, group HR director at Servest South Africa, is passionate about issues concerning women in leadership, especially with regard to creating a culture that allows women rise to senior positions within their organisations, and stay there, without having to emulate the leadership styles or characteristics of their male counterparts. In fact, the natural traits of women, such as their propensity to empathise and nurture, gives them an upper hand in being able to grow people, motivate them and, therefore get the best out of employees.

On Monday, Noma met with Didi Sehume of CHRO South Africa, an organisation that helps HR executives to boost their network, knowledge and careers through events, media and peer-to-peer advisory - and to learn a little more about the HR executive who hails from the Eastern Cape.

She believes that HR is a profession that has moved beyond the point of wanting to be recognised as equals at executive level when it comes to making business decisions and that the pressing issues now are more around adding tangible value to their roles.

"There was a time when the big issue was around getting a seat at the table, but that debate is long gone. If you're still talking about that, there is a problem in that organisation. Companies have been ready for that for a while now. The discussion and the dialogue now should be about what we, as HR professionals, are bringing to the table," says Noma, who also believes that financial success and social impact are not mutually exclusive ideals.

"The idea that HR people are more soft and touchy-feely is actually incorrect because unless you look at the term sustainability of a business from a people-impact point-of-view, you're not strategic enough as an organisation."

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