Dalu Majeke, CFO of the Treasury: Learning to perform in tough times

“Having passion and resilience, even during tough times, are qualities I really admire in CFOs,” says Dalu Majeke, the CFO of the Treasury in South Africa. As the finance man of the country’s finance department, he knows what it’s like to work under pressure. “We don’t value popularity in the department, but we want to be able to present a stable financial framework in trying times.”

On Thursday Majeke met with CFO South Africa and spoke about the transformation of the finance team within the Treasury department towards a culture of sustainability, staff retention and excellence. Majeke provided some fascinating insights in what the public sector can learn from the businesses and vice versa. "In my mind integration between public and private - having a common goal for this country - is crucial."

The full interview will be published on this website later this month.

In the picture: Dalu Majeke (Treasury) and Alex van Groningen (CFO South Africa).

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