Discovery Health CFO Brett Tromp bids goodbye to South Africa


Brett and his family will be relocating to Austin, Texas, to take on new opportunities in the health tech space.

Discovery Health CFO Brett Tromp has announced that he will be stepping down from the role, as he will be relocating to Austin, Texas. 

“Over the last 15 years a close friend who has built some very successful health tech businesses has been asking me to join him,” Brett says. “The timing never felt right, but slowly God prepared our hearts and I will be joining him in the next few months.”

Brett says that his family has been blessed and privileged to have lived in South Africa: “an amazing country with the best people in the world. I want to unreservedly state that we love South Africa and this move is our belief that this is where God wants the next part of our lives to be.”

He adds that it’s been the hardest decision ever to make; it’s deeply complex and emotional. “I totally believe in South Africa and know it is the most resilient country in the world and will come through stronger than ever.”

Brett has been part of the CFO South Africa community for many years, most recently serving as a judge on the CFO Awards panel. He received the Young CFO of the Year Award and High-Performance Team Award at the 2015 CFO Awards. “I loved being part of CFO South Africa and believe it plays a significant part in growing South Africa,” he says.

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The move will see Brett step down as a CFO judge. “It’s hard to say goodbye,” he says.

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