Brett Tromp

Brett Tromp joined Discovery Health in 2003 and was appointed as CFO in 2007. He has a successful track record as a Chief Financial Officer with over 15 years’ experience. He also possesses CEO experience having run three businesses within Discovery, Third Party Recovery Services, Discovery Health Care Services and Discovery SRX Pharmacy. He sits on three boards of Discovery. As an Industry expert on Finance leadership, he also writes in the national accountancy magazine on a monthly basis.

In 2015, Brett Tromp received the Young CFO of the Year and High Performance Team Awards from CFO South Africa. He later joined the CFO Awards panel of judges. 

Brett stepped down from his roles at Discovery and on the CFO Awards judging panel in March 2022 to join a health tech business in Austin, Texas. 

2015 – 2022         Chief Executive Officer Discovery Health Care Services
2014 – 2022         Head, Discovery SRX Pharmacy
2013 – 2022         Director, Discovery Third Party Recovery Services
2007 – 2022        Chief Financial Officer, Discovery Health
2003 – 2007         Various Positions, Discovery Health
                                CA (SA)
2013 – 2013         Executive Leadership Program, University of Oxford
1997 – 1997         University of Witwatersrand

About Discovery Health: Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers the widest choice of health plans, all with unlimited private hospital cover and a range of benefits to suit your needs and your pocket. Their core purpose is to care for their members’ health and wellness by engaging the brightest minds and innovative solutions to provide access to affordable, equitable and quality healthcare that meets their needs. DHMS is a non-profit organisation which pools and safeguards its member’s funds in order to provide healthcare funding to members who need it, when they need it. 

Company: Discovery Health

Job title: CFO

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03 November 2015

Gatekeeper and brand ambassador - Discovery Health CFO Brett Tromp

“The role of the CFO is changing dramatically and I believe being a brand ambassador is critical,” says Brett Tromp, CFO at Discovery Health and winner of not one but two CFO Awards this year. Brett's optimism, energy and strategic acumen earned him the title Young CFO of the Year and he also managed to win the High Performance Team Award. We spoke with him about Discovery’s new pharmacy offering, his push for reporting on health indicators and his values of integrity, intelligence, optimism and energy. “Integrity, intelligence, optimism and energy are my four key assets."

02 June 2015

Meet Brett Tromp (Discovery Health), double CFO Award winner 2015

Can someone who introduces a whole new way of reporting - the fourth bottom line - be a CFO? Can somebody who is at the forefront of innovation in the pharmacy industry be a CFO? Can someone with a happy and popular team be a CFO? Or someone who coaches many colleagues and authors articles for magazines for fun? And what about someone who says his church pastor is his example in life or someone who never misses any of his kid's cricket matches? Can he be a CFO?

11 April 2013

Brett Tromp, CFO at Discovery Health: the softer side of a CFO

“FIRSTLY, always do more than your job description tells you to, so people will recognize your value.” The advice could sound gratuitous coming from anyone else, but if anybody can shed a light on a successful career for young finance professionals it must be Brett Tromp. “Secondly,” he says, “create a market for yourself in your organisation. Find executives to talk to and establish a brand of knowledge and trust. Those two things can be the big secret to a successful career and quickly moving up the ladder.”