Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 9, 2019

Want to keep up to date with the latest developments in finance, but you are short of time? Don't worry. CFO South Africa weekly collects 10 of the most important articles from international media for your convenience.

1. Payments are the oxygen of any business
Customer data can produce better forecasts and much better business decisions, says Gurinder Sumra, CFO Europe of global payments specialist Elavon.

2. 2 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Transitions
Poor planning and lack of communication are the biggest mistakes business leaders make during a change. Here's what the best-run organisations are doing instead.

3. Warren Buffett Says 3 Decisions in Life Separate High Achievers From Mere Dreamers
Warren Buffett is smarter than me. Much smarter. But, outside of his complete mastery of all things related to investment, is the earthly wisdom Buffett imparts on us mind-boggling?

4. Leadership beyond the C-suite (podcast)
In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey senior partner Claudio Feser and associate partner Nicolai Nielsen about the research in their new book, Leadership at Scale: Better Leadership, Better Results.

5. Skilling up: Art of negotiation
Finance leaders increasingly need to develop their negotiating skills as their careers develop. Experts reveal how.

6. Making faster decisions with AI
Richard Fox, CPA, the vice-president of data science and analytics for Apex Parks Group, says analytics can help an organisation get to the root cause of what is driving performance.

7. ERP: Enterprise Reporting Partner or Problem?
The health and well-being of a company’s broader financial system starts and ends with its ERP architecture.

8. What Firms Can Learn From NGOs in Africa
Cross-learning between the corporate world and NGOs helps both sectors to best serve their stakeholders. In light of the HRG’s long experience in Africa, here are five current projects having an impact both in their respective countries and in the classroom.

9. Companies Need to Pay More Attention to Everyday Unethical Behavior
In the last two decades we have witnessed many large-scale corporate scandals –think Worldcom’s accounting fraud, Citibank’s near-collapse, Enron’s bankruptcy – in which pervasive rule violations by both managers and lower-level employees led to massive ethical meltdowns. These and other scandals have sounded the alarm on the need to monitor corporate corruption.

10. The Ten Stages of Successful Strategic Alliances
Corporate partnerships resemble marriages in many respects – including an unfortunately high failure rate. So, looking across the alliance lifecycle from courting to successful married life, here are my top tips for achieving corporate marital bliss.