Finance Indaba to reveal the makings of a REAL leader


Bongi Ngoma, Brad Wentzel, Mpho Mookapele and other leaders will reveal the characteristics of true leaders.

Successful leaders know the best strategies and tools to leverage in order to get the most out of their teams and their organisations. While these may vary from one person to the next, there are some key leadership traits that are a MUST.

At this year’s Finance Indaba, we will unpack the characteristics that make a great leader, live at the Sandton Convention Centre on 20 October.

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A good leader brings their own authentic approach to management and combines it with the leadership strategies and tools they have been taught. This isn’t always an easy balance to strike, but those whose leadership approach is true to who they are, win the hearts and minds of their teams.

Auditor-General of South Africa national head of audit and 2021 CFO of the Year Bongi Ngoma, Douglasdale CFO Brad Wentzel, and Flight Centre Travel Group SA CFO Averen Deonanan will share the lessons they’ve learnt about inspiring their teams and facing the challenges of leadership.

“Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. We are all human, we are all emotional creatures, and we all have stresses and strains that impact our work environment,” says Brad. “As a leader, you have to be confident enough to be vulnerable and show your teams that you are going through the same things. This way, you create a comfortable space for people to open up in.”

Young leaders
Some people make it into leadership roles a lot quicker than others, and are tasked with inspiring teams at a very young age. Find out from EWSETA CEO and former CFO Mpho Mookapele, Foskor CEO and former CFO Julian Palliam, and Metropolitan Retail CFO Etienne le Roux how they’ve fast-tracked their careers to leadership.

“Initially I wanted to serve in the CFO role for about five years and follow my passion, which is to strategise,” Mpho revealed during a CFO South Africa podcast, sponsored by Sage. “Two years later, I found myself leading the strategy of the organisation as the CEO.”

“I’ve always had to prove myself, even as a trainee and a manager,” she said. “But in that experience, I have learned to appreciate the fact that I am capable and gifted, despite my age, and that I can equally contribute in a room that is full of older executives.”

Over the last couple of years, valuable transformation has become a key strategic point for many organisations. However, a company can’t truly transform unless the finance team changes first, and it’s up to CFOs and other finance leaders to drive that change.

Find out what role finance leaders have to play in driving real transformation during an ACCA-sponsored session, featuring ACCA Southern Africa business development manager Kada Phiri, North West Legislature CFO Manenzhe Manenzhe, Selective Empowerment Investments 1 MD Mazvita Maradzika, and CaseWare Africa divisional executive Jodi Joseph.

In his book: Character Insights For A Regenerative Future, Paul Steenkamp references a rapidly growing body of scientific research demonstrating the link between character-driven innovation, superior financial results and a regenerative future. He argues that effective leaders are innovators powered by an operating system loaded with character strength apps.

Paul’s book makes the case that cultivating leadership character must complement advances in modern innovation practices for us to stand any chance of being worthy ancestors. Join Paul as he unpacks these five leadership superpowers to drive growth, innovation and the future of work.

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