Ince backs CFOs with a “gold standard” of compliance and governance


As the sponsor of the Compliance & Governance Award at the 2023 CFO Awards, Ince not only celebrates CFOs who are excelling in this category, but offers the winner an exclusive rhino dehorning experience.

Over the past decade, the CFO Awards have seen numerous memorable moments. These moments have resonated with the values of Ince, which will be sponsoring the Compliance & Governance Award at the 2023 CFO Awards.

The CFO Awards have a proud history of recognising and celebrating excellence. The 10th Annual CFO Awards will be an exceptional celebration of the finest in finance of 2023, but will also shine a spotlight on 10 years of winners, recognising the enormous contribution made by finance leaders to the economy and direction of South Africa for the last decade.

“We have witnessed the rise of CFOs who championed digital transformations, showcasing how financial leadership can be at the forefront of innovation,” says Ince MD of integrated business development and marketing Steven Engelsman.

“We have also observed the incredible resilience and adaptability of CFOs during challenging economic times, their strategies and decisions not only safeguarded their companies, but also paved the way for new growth opportunities,” he adds.

Steven explains that the “heartfelt speeches and insights” by the previous winners of the CFO Awards reminds everyone of the passion, dedication and humanity behind the numbers.

“From Ince's perspective, a great CFO is not just a financial expert, but a visionary leader who can steer an organisation towards its goals. They blend analytical acumen with strategic thinking, ensuring financial health while anticipating future challenges and opportunities,” he says.

“Additionally, we believe a great CFO prioritises transparency, innovation, and collaboration, working closely with other departments to ensure holistic growth. They act as ethical custodians of shareholder value, embedding sustainability in financial decisions and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability within their teams.”

Compliance & Governance Award

The Compliance & Governance Award recognises the CFO who champions open, honest, ethical, and principled practices to help the business achieve its goals. Working in a complex global environment, they face challenging laws and regulations. The winner of this award has contributed significantly to building and implementing systems to detect and prevent compliance breaches.

“At Ince, we understand the pivotal role that compliance and governance plays in establishing trust, ensuring ethical practices and fostering sustainable growth in today’s challenging business landscape,” says Steven.

He explains that, by sponsoring the Compliance & Governance Award at the 2023 CFO Awards, Ince aims to underscore its commitment to these values and recognise CFOs who exemplify them. “Their meticulous efforts to uphold the highest standards, even amid challenging scenarios, resonate with our ethos.”

He adds that the sponsorship also allows Ince to contribute to setting the “gold standard for financial leadership” in compliance and governance.

The winner of the award will also get the opportunity to join Ince for a rhino dehorning experience in the Selati Game Reserve, along with two other CFOs (and their partners).

“The Selati Reserve, which is an affiliate of Ince through the Coaxle Group of Companies, believes in the holistic conservation of our natural environment and the majestic creatures that inhabit it. Our dehorning experience is one of the initiatives aimed at preserving the rhino population while educating participants on the challenges they face as well,” Steven says.

“There are those who are opposed to dehorning rhinos in protected areas, however it has been shown to be an effective mitigating measure in curbing poaching in many of the surrounding reserves,” he adds.

Looking forward to the next decade

As we look to the next decade, Steven says Ince hopes to see CFOs further evolving into multifaceted leaders. “We anticipate them leading the charge in sustainability and responsible financial practices, prioritising both profitability and planetary wellbeing.”

Additionally, Ince hopes to witness CFOs leveraging emerging technologies, like AI and blockchain, not just for efficiency but to drive strategic innovation.

“We’re eager to celebrate those who actively champion diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organisations, recognising that varied voices lead to stronger decisions,” he adds.

“Above all, we hope to see CFOs that continue to inspire, set new benchmarks, and lead with integrity and vision,” concludes Steven.

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