Nhlanhla Nene says more than half of municipal CFOs not properly qualified


Finance Minister to issue regulations giving municipal CFOs 18 months to obtain relevant competency levels.

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene revealed on Tuesday that more than half of South Africa’s municipal CFOs and managers do not have the required minimum competency levels – even at large municipalities including Johannesburg and Tshwane.

He has stated that he will be issuing new regulations that gives the relevant officials 18 months to obtain the relevant competency levels.

EWN reports the minister as saying that out of 218 municipal CFOs, only 79 are properly qualified. And out of 193 municipal managers, only 94 are properly qualified. Nene attributes these troubling figures to a high staff turnover, high vacancy rates and delays in making appointments by municipalities.

Nene will shortly promulgate the regulations, and will make it compulsory for all municipal councils to make the relevant competency requirements a condition of employment.

The national government, provinces and municipalities will continue to monitor and report on this process.

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